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New York Chapter Reunion - Jan 2019
Holly Jackson (2009*-2016; Overleigh)
Mohamed El Shorbagy (2006-2009; Great House)
Daniel Jenkins (2003*-2009; Day)
Maximillian Darrington (2010-2015; Orchards)
Yara Hajj (2009-2014; Southfield)
Jack Smith (2012-2014; Keen's Elm)
Christopher Williams (1971-1972; Kernick)
Gareth Turnbull ()
Fiona Murphy (2008-2013; Warner)
James Ho (2007*-2013; Orchards)
Rodolfo Estrada (2010-2013; Joan's Kitchen)
Jimi Tele (2008-2010; Holmcroft)
Gavin Horgan ()
Nicola Pender ()
Toby Southgate (1988*-1995; Day)
John Roosevelt (1989*-1994; Butleigh)
Chaka Hayes (1988-1993; Butleigh)
David Wilkes (1982*-1989; Keen's Elm)
Kurt Butenhoff (1975-1978; Ivythorn)
Carol Wilkinson (1985-1990; Warner)
Peter Van Der Meer (1972-1975; Etonhurst)
Christopher Miller (2000-2005; Orchards)
David Willson (1973-1974; Chindit)
Pierre-Alexandre Lebard (2001-2003; Kingweston)
Derek Zhao (2001-2003; Butleigh)
Aadit Zaveri (2008-2010; Millfield)
Justin Wilson (1972-1977; Keinton)
Emma Wilson (1986-1988; Warner)
Rebecca Walker-Jones née Curl (1980-1982; Kernick)
Lisa Trei (1974-1978; Ashcott)
Roy Tjioe (1978-1980; Walton)
Hugo Sumner (2013-2015; The Grange)
Gerald Spelman (1997*-2006; Kingweston)
Robert Speirs (2005-2010; Holmcroft)
Daniel Sipple-Asher (1989*-1997; Kingweston)
Tom Simonitsch (1997-2002; Holmcroft)
Victoria Sherman Lang (1967-1969; Grange)
Shirley Shayler ()
Katriona Savage (2009-2014; Abbey)
Harry Santa-Olalla (1994*-2005; Millfield)
Tristan Rooks (1971*-1978; Coombe Hill)
Paul Richardson (1973*-1980; Orchards)
Anthony Punnett (1983-1985; Etonhurst)
Sarah Philby (1999-2004; Abbey)
Melissa Percy (2000-2002; Acacia)
Christopher Newman (1976*-1983; Etonhurst)
James Morgan (1993-1995; Day)
Cyrus Moaven (1981-1986; St Anne's)
Henry Lynch (2012-2016; Orchards)
Emma Lindsay (1993-1998; Oaklands)
Winsome Lee (1986-1987; Warner)
James Heygate-Browne (1992*-2000; Millfield)
Phillip Frankl (1973-1976; Chindit)
Elisabeth Foulkes (2000*-2009; Overleigh)
Jennifer Feenstra (1982-1984; Acacia)
Anjum Dieckmann (1979-1981; Burleigh Cottage)
Richard Dalgety (1990-1995; Day)
Patrick Coster (1986-1988; St Anne's)
Alyson Cook (1968*-1973; Day)
Gary Casson (1967-1969; Kingweston)
Olivia Bryant (2004-2009; Warner)
Mary Bignal Rand (1955-1958; Day)
Sarah Benson (1991-1996; Kernick)
George Barder (2010-2014; Shapwick)
Patrick Andersen (1979-1985; Millfield)
Guy Bennett (1987-1989; St Anne's)
The principal aim of the Society is to keep members of the worldwide Millfield family in touch with each other.

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