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Millfield Swimmers Reunion
Please join us for a Millfield Swimmers Reunion on Saturday 31st August at the Lillie Langtry (upstairs room), 19 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UE from 4-7pm -www.thelillielangtry.co.uk

Welcome drinks provided by the Old Millfieldian Society followed by a cash bar.

Swimmers and coaches from every era are invited and please do tell other swimmers from your year group in case we do not have their contact details.

RSVP via millfieldconnect.com or email omsociety@millfieldschool.com
Euan Dale (1997*--2004; Keen's Elm)
Alexander Beaton (2004-2009; Joan's Kitchen)
Tristan Slater (2004*-2011; Mill)
Kitty Snaydon (2004*-2018; Overleigh)
Claire Snaydon (1983-1987; Day)
Ian Collins (1977-1981; Holmcroft)
David Wingate (1966-1970; Etonhurst)
Joanne Palmer née Atkinson (1973-1977; Johnson's)
Paul Wilcox (1965-1968; Glaston Tor)
Edward Sinclair (1994-1999; Keen's Elm)
Joseph Poynter (2009-2013; Keen's Elm)
Josephine Miles (2004*-2007; Day)
Benjamin Lowe (2011-2013; Great)
Thomas Gough (1999-2004; Orchards)
Malcolm Tucker (1961-1965; Millfield)
Marcus Branson (1975*-1981; Day)
Andrew Hunter (2002-2004; Keen's Elm)
Evie Edwards (2009-2014; Abbey)
Duncan Goodhew (1970-1975; Walton)
William Thomas (1996*-2004; Shapwick)
Daniel Freeman (1996*-2004; Day)
Sophie Shaw (1999*-2010; Day)
Evan Waters (2012-2014; Joan's Kitchen)
John Knowles (1991-1996; Joan's Kitchen)
Alexander Allen (2008*-2015; Butleigh)
John Davies ()
Michael Small (2006-2010; Day)
Sophie Teasdale (2010-2012; Martins)
Toby Griffiths (2010-2015; Joan's Kitchen)
Amelia Maughan (2009-2010; Acacia)
Bruno Banks (2007-2012; Great)
Gregory Powell (1985-1987; Georgian Cottage)
Sophie Allin (2003*-2011; Overleigh)
James Guy (2008*-2014; Great)
Nicola Pender ()
Melanie Clark (2004-2007; Day)
Marie Bung (1999-2004; Martins)
Deborah Vine (1971-1974; Johnson's)
Benjamin Hudson (2008*-2014; Joan's Kitchen)
Sam Blunt (2001-2003; Keen's Elm)
Thomas Kingham (2010*-2017; Mill)
Olivia Dawkins (2009-2014; Abbey)
Rose Morahan (2001*-2006; Day)
Katherine Bowe (2000*-2007; Acacia)
Alexander de Tullio (2005-2010; Orchards)
Joel Knight (2006*-2013; Keen's Elm)
Johnnie Delahunty (2009-2011; Joan's Kitchen)
Rachel Feather (2005-2008; Day)
Ross McAuliffe (2005-2010; Day)
Emily Walker (1999*-2008; Acacia)
Bronnie-May Dunn (2006-2009; Kernick)
Cameron Kurle (2008*-2016; Great)
Emily Knowles-Jones (2013-2015; Southfield)
Gabriella Read-Cayton (2007-2012; Abbey)
Sarah Lidbetter (2010-2015; Kernick)
Benjamin King (2010-2015; Holmcroft)
Matthew Rose (2011-2013; Butleigh)
Andrew Cotter-Stone (2000*-2005; Edgarley)
Gareth Cotter-Stone (2001*-2007; Orchards)
The principal aim of the Society is to keep members of the worldwide Millfield family in touch with each other.

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